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Our History

Our entering the 8th decade of  business activity accompanies the legacy of over 70 years of proven experience and excellence in quality ice cream production with a recognition in taste.
Our  business first started as a small factory in the center of Giannitsa in 1937. Ice cream was sold  in white wagons, filled with ice , in our town and near by towns. People quickly took a liking to the milky ice cream and  started asking for it. Soon we needed more space to reach the peoples demands and this is when we built our new factory which is on the outskirts of Giannitsa.

Today the company is passed down to the third generation which stayed true to it’s perception and ideals but upgraded and evolved the company. They set out to obtain the most updated systems for ice cream production with investments in high tech equipment and kept it’s traditional ice cream recipe , which set it apart and established it in the market.

Uptil today we have managed to expand our product line and create a wide range of real ice cream in professional, family, and individual as well as cakes and mini ice creams.

Our approach
We believe that  ice cream production is an art.
The  PAPANARETOS approach derives from the professionalism and expertise of its people, unbreakable elements, intertwined with the  proven experience of the company and our ice cream production recipes is what differentiates and distinguishes us.

Our philosophy
In PAPANARETOS peoples well being and satisfaction is placed at the top of our corporate philosophy and mentality .
Our philosophy directs us to operate  with high standards of production at all stages preceding and following the ice cream production.

Quality is a way of life in PAPANARETOS.
The reputation as a company firmly dedicated to quality is our  most valuable asset .
In order to apply our philosophy daily  the right combination of human resources, experience, professionalism, technological equipment and recipies is required.  Possessing all these  elements we have developed and applied the HACCP system in all our production lines to produce healthy ice creams that post excellent reviews, arouse enthusiasm and give great recommendations.

Availability, delivery time and partnerships.
The availability and delivery time are two very important parameters in the ice cream production industry. These two factors essentially consolidate a stable and lasting cooperation.
In PAPANARETOS we adopted a new approach throughout the whole the ice cream production process adding value at every stage to ensure quality , taste , excellent results in delivery times and prices, to which we  have committed.

All these act as a guarantee of mutual benefit and reciprocal profitability in any cooperation.


Our professional reputation came through our dedication and expertise in  producing premium, real ice cream with traditional recipies. We will continue to produce real ice cream in professional, family, individual , mini ice ceams and ice cream cakes. We believe being innovated but maintaining top quality ingredients is respecting the well being of people.  We wish to pass this belief on the generations to come and to the society as a whole.